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HR/IR Satellite Inc. joins CATAAlliance: Advancing Canada's competitive innovation nation

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The Satellite Advantage

HRIR Satellite
We are Business Development Enablers
With a Focus on the Human Resources of the Organization

The Satellite Advantage

HRIR Satellite develops and distributes products and services designed for organizations who want to grow their businesses - by vastly improving the contribution of its employees - thus the profits of the organization - through this basic business principal:

Employee Satisfaction = Customer Satisfaction = Profits

Customer Satisfaction = Repeat Business = Profits

Our Products and Services are also available and widely used by Human Resource / Industrial Relations Consulting firms whose mission is to help its clients with HR/IR Management.

The Large Business/Small Business Advantage

The beauty of our business model is that it provides small–medium sized enterprises with the same, if not more, capabilities than large organizations but at a fraction of the cost.

All the documentation, processes, procedures, legal references, and people development tools used by large firms in the management of their Human Resources is now available to small businesses.

Variety of Services Offered & ‘On Demand’ Service

Compliance and Avoidance - Small organizations take advantage of our knowledge base to understand and comply with Federal, State and Provincial Employment Law;

Employee Support Systems - From Policy manuals to letters, forms and training; 

Employee Management Systems – From Recruitment using the “Devine Inventory” to On-Line Employee Satisfaction Surveys to Personal Development tools and programs.

Individual Services

We are pleased to offer all of our services individually or “unbundled” so the client may pick and choose what they specifically require at any given time.

Alternatively, we can bundle the products and services into a comprehensive Client`s Own Satellite – available to employees, associates and management.

Bundled Services

Our bundle of products and services is known as a Client Satellite.

Each Client Satellite is provided with a customized website, with password protected access to a variety of informational self-help resources. These provide quick access references to aid in human resource related decision making.


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