HRIR is an acronym for Human Resources and Industrial Relations. The term satellite suggests that the HR and IR solutions that we offer, orbit outside of an organization.

We provide an on demand service to companies, predominantly small and medium size enterprises and include cost-effective tools to improve individual performance and productivity thereby improving profitability. Primary tools include an anonymous Employee Satisfaction Survey System; an array of psychometric assessments for hiring and development; on line training modules and toolboxes.

Through access to ourtoolboxes, we offera client, information about provincial minimum standards, a sample policy manual and an array of forms related to employment.

Why us

The term “Human resources” has been captured in many different words over the years-personnel, employee relations, human capital, human assets, people resources, talent management, etc. Many organizations have elaborate HR departments, whereas most organizations have no HR department. But in all cases, there are employee relations matters that need to be addressed in some fashion, whether because of compliance matters or the ability to attract and retain qualified staff at all levels.

Simply put, it remains an employer/employee relationship irrespective of the words to associate with a department focussed on employees. And this relationship is grounded in law. Our online solutions are intended to support and not replace how an organization deals with its employees. They are intended to be easy to use and our price list is included on our site. You need never speak to an HR person associated with our site unless you have a specific need.

Platz and Associates Inc.

An alternative to the typical distribution of consulting, legal and in house specialization in Human Resource Management and Industrial Relations, we strongly believe that every Manager is responsible for managing their "human resources". With that in mind, we provide Managers with direct access to the tools and resources they need, to effectively manage their employees and in doing so, reduce the associated risks of decision making related to employment. We are committed to developing long term working relationships with our clients.

Brian Burge

VP Business Development

After graduating from McMaster University, Brian started his career as a stockbroker in Toronto. Brian and family moved to Ottawa to get involved with the rapidly developing high technology field. He has spent most of his career in Ottawa as a sales and marketing consultant in High Technology, Financial Services, HR, and Management Consulting.

Brian works with executives of small and medium sized enterprises to increase revenue. Brian’s help begins with a strong ability to understand, and focus the objectives and goals of entrepreneurs. Brian’s career has introduced him to a wide range of industries and technology from mobile application development and security to financial planning and human resource services. Brian’s hands-on approach assesses a product or service in the context of market positioning, and a review of successes to-date. As initial lead clients are engaged, “the message” is developed and refined (by listening to the market) for each market segment. Workable, practical “sales” processes and procedures are established based upon the available human and financial resources. Brian excels at exploratory sales.

Matthew Murchie

Chief Technology Officer

Matthew is a partner and Chief Technology Officer.  Since 2006 he has been instrumental both in the oversight of the satellite network but also the creation of the relaunched Employee Satisfaction Survey System.

He is the president of D-SOL Media Inc., but better known as the “Director of Possibilities”. Starting the company back in 2003, the goal was to begin with a creative strategy first; their clients have expectations and vision – D-SOL Media has a world class approach to ideas. They engineer marketing solutions that work for their clients by becoming an extension of their marketing team.

As a online marketing strategist and a certified SEOpro, Matthew has in-depth knowledge of the online marketing sphere. Working alongside some of the top leaders in internet marketing and social media marketing, Matthew comes prepared with knowledge that has helped him create a very successful company.

Matthew is not only a member of the Direct Selling Association, but is also the supplier member chairman, representing his colleagues is this industry. As an official membership since 2009, Matthew has actually been assisting the industry since 2005.

Jocelyn Faintuck


Jocelyn is our newest associate– she is coming from a corporate background within the human resource field in industries such as high volume retail and hospitality. She graduated from Wilfrid Laurier University with a English Literature degree – simultaneously combining her creativity and analytical thinking. From there, she has completed her Post Graduate Certificate in Human Resources Management and has been practicing her field ever since.

While most of Jocelyn’s professional experience is housed within large international organizations, her front line exposure and fundamental understanding of the importance of a motivated workforce makes her an integral part of HR/IR Satellite team. Her strengths lie in building and developing meaningful relationships with clients, entrepreneurial attitude as well as consulting with various levels of management on how to ultimately retain great associates. Jocelyn also houses a strong background in labour relations – having worked alongside two of the largest unions in North America as a Human Resource Professional over the last few years. Her results driven core competencies will maximize her full potential with our organization.